Your true traveller finds boredom rather agreeable than painful.
It is the symbol of his liberty - his excessive freedom.
He accepts his boredom, when it comes, not merely philosophically,
but almost with pleasure.

Aldous Huxley

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The First Step

That’s it, things are getting started; I finally got out of Montreal, took my first couple of planes and in the end arrived in Oslo, Norway. While this is maybe not as exciting as travelling along the Silk Road, it is still something in itself. This is my second experience with Norway and I am just as amazed as the first time about people speaking Norwegian everywhere. It may not sound that peculiar to hear people speaking Norwegian in Norway but it is still quite something; maybe it’s because the only Norwegian people I know live in Canada and speak English all the time (unlike French who often refuse to speak anything else than French all around the world…). Or maybe it is because of my exceptional ability to be eternally amazed at… things.

But still, Norway brings me one step closer to Xinjiang, and the steps are starting to follow each other faster and faster. I still haven’t finished my website, and time is running fast! I also have to do quite a lot of research on the history of the places where I’ll be going to, and there are a lot of them! And I need to improve my photography skill; but it’s all under way. I am actually editing on Dreamweaver right now, in the café lounge of Oslo’s hospital while Sabrina is visiting her grandfather. And if I need a break I can contemplate the big Norwegian flag on the entrance of the building… Ja, vi elsker dette landet!

(picture: just behind Sabrina's father's house... the forest is never too far in Oslo!)